Q: Where do you guys live?
A: We live in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Q: What cameras do we use?
A: We use Nikon D800, D700, D3s, D300, D300S and P7000 cameras.

Q: Why do you use Nikon Cameras?
A: They are the best cameras for time lapse photography because they have built in intervalometers (timers). Plus it's a Nikon, come on.

Q: What lenses do you use?
A: 12-24mm, 14-24mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 24mm tilt/shift, 50mm f1.4, and a 300mm f2.8. We only use Nikon brand lenses.

Q: How did you get the camera to move, tilt or pan?
A: David designed and built motorized tilt/pan heads, dolly and a railing crawler. See the gear page for pictures and more details.

Q: Can you send me the designs, schematics or build a tilt/pan head, dolly or railing crawler for me?
A: No. Sorry but there are no blueprints, drawings or any plans to sell these to the public. David spent months designing and building each one and we just can't spare the time or effort to start selling these. There are lots of websites out there that have items like these for sale.

Q: Do you sell the HD or 4K video clips for commercial purposes?
A: Yes we do. Please contact us at contact@timelapsehd.ca.

Q: Do I need a licensing agreement to display your video in public?
A: Yes you do. Please contact us at contact@timelapsehd.ca. Legally you will be held accountable if you do not get a license agreement from us first. You can link to our YouTube channel on your web site for free and without our permission.



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